How to Fix Loose Teeth in 4 Weeks

I am no dentist, but a patient of mine came in with three very loose teeth. He comes in for a weekly adjustment and the occasional acupuncture treatment. This patient explained how he was going to get his three teeth pulled, but I then explained to him how I thought I could help and refrain him from having to do that. Within 4 to 5 weeks of him taking a supplement that I recommended, his teeth were back to normal. When using this supplement, he would gargle and rinse it through his mouth twice a day. Like I said previously, the patient would come in for weekly chiropractic care. During his visits, I would use my Erchonia laser and shine it on his jawline. By doing that, it sent light energy into his jaw, which helped decrease his pain. 

As a result, the patient ended up cancelling his appointment to get the three teeth pulled. He continues to take the supplement and still comes in weekly for chiropractic care.

The pictures below show the before and after transformation of his teeth.

-Dr. Shufei Kime, D.C., Acupuncture and Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa

Getting Adjustments Done As A Family

I got the opportunity to sit down with longtime patients, John and Holly, to talk to them about their adjustments experiences.

Holly first started getting treated by Dr. Kime back in 2011, just a couple of months after Dr. Kime started her business here in Cedar Falls. Holly states that her reasons for starting adjustments is to maintain a quality of life and because it helps relieve her headaches and sinuses. A couple years after Holly started coming to Dr. Kime, her husband John got in a bad work accident. Due to that, in 2013 John began coming to Dr. Kime as well to help with his pain from the accident and the really bad psoriasis on the bottom of his feet.

Once they both started coming to Dr. Kime, they have continued to come in once a month regularly. I then asked them why they only come in once a month and they explained to me that is about how long the adjustment relieves their pain.

When I asked Holly how it feels while Dr. Kime adjusts her, she said, “It feels like the Fourth of July. Like the little sparklers that you light up. It feels like those little sparks going off in your body. It just feels so good because you know something is happening.” I then asked her how she feels immediately after getting adjustment and she simply said, “Wonderful.”

I then began to ask John some questions about his personal experience. He explained how he started coming after his bad work accident and ever since coming to Dr. Kime, she has helped with his pain management. He continued on by saying how Dr. Kime got him to try acupuncture and how glad he is that she did. “Within four sessions, my psoriasis was all cleared up. I haven’t had trouble in over five years.” Now it is a monthly adjustment for his sciatic, which helps keep it all in check.

About four months ago, Holly and John’s family grew by one. Their son and daughter-in-law welcomed a baby boy into the world. Ever since Crew was born, they have been bringing him along to their monthly appointments. With their trust in Dr. Kime, they have allowed her to adjust Crew whenever they bring him into her office. When adjusting him, he is always very calm and seems to enjoy it. One time, he was so calm and relaxed that he ended up falling asleep on Dr. Kime.

At the end of the interview, I asked them if they would recommend others to get adjusted. With no hesitation, Holly said, “Oh absolutely.” When asking why they would recommend it to others, they said because it is part of a wellness program. “Anyone who cares about their health, you do anything that you can to keep that going.”

We here at ACCOI are please and proud to be part of Holly, John, and baby Crew’s wellness journey.

Hannah Williams, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa

“I Notice Results Right Away.” Loyal Patient Talks About Personal Experience

When interviewing long-time patient, Glen Martin, he couldn’t speak more highly of Dr. Kime and how much her adjustments and acupuncture has helped him significantly.

Martin found Dr. Kime through the supplements that she supplies for all of her patients, Standard Process. Standard Process is a whole food supplement company from the Wisconsin area. It supports whole body health and is specific to each patient. Each supplement supports different organs and functions of the human body with amazing results.

When Martin first started coming to Dr. Kime, he was only having adjustments done once a month. Due to work stress, worsening migraines, and allergies, Dr. Kime recommended that he try acupuncture to relieve his pain. After doing so, he noticed results right away and has been getting acupuncture done weekly ever since.

Normally, patients go into a special room that is dedicated to acupuncture care, but Martin prefers laying on Dr. Kime’s hydrotherapy table while the needles are in. He claims that it helps loosen him up and relaxes him after a long day at work. His soul purpose for his weekly returning visits is to get rid of his straining migraines and help with his allergies.

Martin then continues to explain his typical acupuncture experience with Dr. Kime. He says that once she puts the needles in, he can tell the places in which they are helping. He then tells her where the pain moved to so she can place the needles in correspondence of that. After the fifteen minutes are up, he can tell that it has helped and his migraine is gone.

When asking Martin why he would recommend more people get acupuncture done, he said because it quickly helps relieve pain and eliminates the need of medication.

We here, at ACCOI, are pleased and proud to be part of Martin’s wellness journey.

-Hannah Williams, Acupuncture & Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa