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How to Fix Loose Teeth in 4 Weeks

I am no dentist, but a patient of mine came in with three very loose teeth. He comes in for a weekly adjustment and the occasional acupuncture treatment. This patient explained how he was going to get his three teeth pulled, but I then explained to him how I thought I could help and refrain […]

Getting Adjustments Done As A Family

I got the opportunity to sit down with longtime patients, John and Holly, to talk to them about their adjustments experiences. Holly first started getting treated by Dr. Kime back in 2011, just a couple of months after Dr. Kime started her business here in Cedar Falls. Holly states that her reasons for starting adjustments […]

My Acupuncture Experiences

I’m writing this an hour after the session, and I already feel my muscles relaxing. I feel rested, and like I just want to lay down and rest some more. Dr. Kime says that’s my parasympathetic system working, so it’s good to know my body is reacting. Now she’s currently telling me I should be glad […]

My First Experience with Acupuncture

Never having acupuncture done before, my thoughts on it were that I knew it involves a lot of needles and that people said it is really relaxing. With that being said, the time leading up to when Dr. Kime would do it to me, I was very anxious. I was excited to know what it […]

“I Notice Results Right Away.” Loyal Patient Talks About Personal Experience

When interviewing long-time patient, Glen Martin, he couldn’t speak more highly of Dr. Kime and how much her adjustments and acupuncture has helped him significantly. Martin found Dr. Kime through the supplements that she supplies for all of her patients, Standard Process. Standard Process is a whole food supplement company from the Wisconsin area. It […]